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Location: Morjim, Pernam Taluka, 15-km From Mapusa, Goa
Main Festivity: Kalash Utsava
Festival Comes In: Three, Five, Seven or Nine years

This is yet another temple situated at Morjim in Pernem Taluka, which is about 15-km from Mapusa. The temple complex is situated around sylvan surroundings.

The Festivities
The main festival is "Kalash Utsava" which is celebrated every three, five, seven or nine years. Duration of the festival is nearly a month, beginning from "Phalgun Shudha Panchami". The concluding 7 days is a big cultural and religious affair when people not only from Goa, but also from Sindhudurga in Maharashtra and Karwar in Karnataka assemble in large numbers. Other festivals that are celebrated at this temple site are Gudi Padva, Dussehra, Zatra, "Divjam" and "Ghode Mundim".

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