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» Narven- Bicholim Sri Saptakoteeswara Temple
Location: 37-km From Panaji, Goa
Presiding Deity: Lord Shiva
Houses: Dhara-Linga
Architecture: Medieval Architecture Style

As one tries to return to Panaji from Harvalem, one can visit the famous temple of Sri Saptakoteshwar Naroa, Bicholim. Sri Saptakoteshwara was the patron deity of the Kadambas who had built a beautiful temple dedicated to this deity at the Diwar Island.

The invading foreign rulers destroyed the temple and built a chapel dedicated to Candelaria in 1641 AD. The image of Sri Saptakoteshwara was shifted to Naroa by the devotees then. It was Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who ordered renovation of the temple in 1668.

An Abode Of Shavaite Worshippers
The Kadamba kings were staunch Shaivaites and patronised the arts to a commendable degree that deserves emulation more than appreciation. Their gigantic temples adorned with superb sculpture and architectural excellences, though built some seven centuries back, are still beckoning the attention of the theists and tourists.

Despite their external grandeur and magnificence being tested by the vagaries of time; their spiritual effulgence is still illumining the paths of the earnest seekers. The Shiva temples built at Tambdisurla and Naven-Bicholim are testifying to the rulers' devotional zeal and their care for public zeal.

An Example Of Medieval Architecture
The famous Saptakoteshwara temple is a standing specimen of medieval architectural style and mirrors the rulers' refinement and artists, superior craftsmanship. It is elegantly beautified with sculptural adornments.

It is a big temple with imposing tower, vast courtyards and several mini-shrines for all the premier Shaivate gods. The Archamurti- Shivalinga is called "Dhara-Linga". Its majesty and glistening polish forces one to raise his hands and fills the souls with bliss. It was the favoured deity of the kings.

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