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Location: Advolpale, North Goa
Presiding Deity: Goddess Shravani
Main Festivities: Vardhpan Day, Divja Jatra Day & Annual Jatra Day

Complex comprises of temples of Jagrut Swayambhu, Goddess Sharvani, Mahadev and Vetal with his life image of stone and other deities. Situated in scenic surroundings at Advolpale in North Goa, 2½-km from Assonora on the Pirna main road. The temple was shifted from Salgaon, Bardez, first to Ajgaon, Sawantwadi at the end of the 16th century and then to this place during Portuguese regime.

Salgaonkars, both Brahmin and Non-Brahmin Petkar families are 'Mahajans'. Goddess is known for fulfilling vows of her devotees through 'Kaul Prasad'. Devotees also perform "Tulabhar" to propitiate her.

Thousands of devotees throng on "Vardhpan Day", "Divja Jatra Day" and annual Jatra Day on Margashirsh Shukla, 3 in November/ December when procession of Goddesses is taken out in decorated chariots.

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