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Location: West End of India
Capital: Gandhinagar
Tourist Attractions: Gir National Park, Dwarka, Kutchh
Best Time To Visit: July To April

Diaries & writing Pads made from a variety of Fabrics and Embroidery

The state of Gujarat has been blessed with a rich and vibrant tradition of handicrafts. Handicrafts were originally based on home production for daily use. Amongst the traditional handicrafts of Gujarat are numerous things that a discerning buyer would wish to admire and acquire. The range of offerings spans a wide array of furniture, jewellery, metalwork items, embroidered garments, colourful linen, leatherwork, beadwork, mirror work, baked clay articles and the unmatched textiles culture etc. All these are created to reflect the lifestyle, culture and above all the spirit of Gujarat.


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