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Craft Of: Gujarat.
Main Crafts: Enamelling, Silver Jewellery.
Main Regions: Cambay, Rajkot, Ahmedabad.
Also Famous For:Brass & Iron Products.

White Metal Jewellery,GujaratJewellery making is the art of highest antiquity, the famous among these are filigree work, open wirework, carving etc. Enamelling is another noteworthy artistic craft. Kachchh region is renowned for its necklaces, earrings etc. The art of making jewellery and precious stone-cutting and processing is a traditional handicraft of Gujarat. Gold smithy includes filigree-work, open-wire-work, carving etc.

The silver craft is a specialty of Kachchh, in which light embossing is done on thin silver plates and is enhanced by etching and scrapping. Attardanis, gulabdanis, flower-vases, trays, jewellery-boxes, powder-boxes, ashtrays and cigarette-boxes are some of the articles of silver craft.

The folk jewellery of excellent designs, characteristic of each village and each community is a typical art of Gujarat. Silver jewellery is always in great demand with Rajkot and Ahmedabad being centres for silver ornaments. For classic chunky tribal jewellery, you should visit Poshina, enroute from Ahmedabad to Mt. Abu , where silver and imitation silver ornaments can be brought from the tribals and native artisans for very low prices. Arificially Embossed Brass Plant Holders from North Gujarat

Gujarat's other paramount craft is silver and iron works, found nowhere better than in the former princely state of Saurashtra and Kachchh where descendants of the original court swordsmiths and jewellers, now make fine beetle nut crackers, copper coated iron bells, knives and cutlery.

The brass industry of Jamnagar is one of the largest in India and from Kachchh and Rajkot come the famous silver engravings and ornaments that are considered so typical of Gujarat. Anjar is a good place to buy brass and iron utensils, cutlery, knives and scissors. You can also watch arrows being crafted here, and pick up knives and daggers with beautiful sheaths and hilts.

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