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Craft Of: Gujarat.
Significance: Oldest Craft Of Gujarat.
Clay Artifacts: Clay Utensils, Clay Toys.

The state's oldest handicraft is certainly pottery, which achieved great standards of excellence in ancient times. The commonest of art forms, pottery is also one of the most fascinating. With the few turns of the wheel and expert flicks of the hand, village potters mould an ordinary lump of mud into a well proportioned and useful clay utensils, embellished by their wives with paintings and colourful lines. Clay Pots , Gujarat

Terracotta toys are another craft of the potters of Kachchh, but it is in the Aravallis and Chhota Udepur tribal lands that potters make the famous long necked terracotta figurines of the Gora Dev (tribal horse God), said to protect crops, villages and families from evil spirits, evil intentions and natural calamities.

Potter communities also specialise in mud wall paintings, and you could get plaques, inset with mirrors, made for your own house or garden shack from Kachchh.

At Poshina, these terracotta horses and elephants cost Rs 10 to Rs 50 each, and are good decorations for your home and garden, and the Poshinagadh heritage hotel can arrange for you to shop for such tribal artifacts. An entire wall panel of such terra cotta animals can cost Rs 3000/.

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