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Location:49 Kms From Vadodara, Gujarat.
Famous As: Jain Pilgrimage.
Known As: Archaeological Site.
Main Attractions: Muhammad Shah's Citadel.

Champaner was earlier the capital of the Chauhan Rajputs, who had their fort on 822 meter high Pavagadh peak, a holy place of pilgrimage. On the hill can be seen the old fort with it's superb rocky defenses, the Makai kota where the rulers kept their grain, the ruins of Patai Rawal palace, Naulakha Kotha Mansion, the 11th century Laukalish Temple, wells and numerous religious monuments. Citadel of Mohammad Shah in Champaner - Gujarat

The main monument of Champaner is the citadel of Muhammed Shah. The Jami Masjid here is the finest mosque in Gujarat. The natural beauty and fresh atmosphere have encouraged the government to develop a hill resort here. The famous poet Baiju was born here.

Muhammad Shah's Citadel: The main monument in champaner is the citadel of Muhammad Shah's in Champaner, beside the high walls and custom house

Jami Masjid: The Jami Masjid(1513 A.D.), with an exquisitely carved entrance, a vast and imposing courtyard surrounded by cloistered galleries speaks of the quality of the artisans who worked at Champaner. The elevation in the front shows 5 pointed arches and slim minarets flanking the central arch, perfectly proportioned.

Jami Masjid in Champaner - GujaratOther Attractions: The Shah Masjid with 4 rows of ornate pillars, domes and delicate carved mihrabs, Nagina masjid with a fine arcade and Kevda masjid is also a sight not to go unmissed.

Buses are available for Champaner which is 160 kms from Ahmedabad . From Baroda it takes an hour by bus.

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