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Dance of: Gujarat.
Exclusive Feature: Done By Women Only.
Marked By: Graceful, Circular Dance Movements.

Just as Lord Krishna popularized the Raas dance, Usha, the grand daughter-in-law of Lord Krishna gets the credit for popularizing the Lasya Nritya, which came to be known as Garbha Dance. The word 'Garbha' derives its name after a lamp called Garbhadip, which means 'the lamp inside the earthen pot'.

Garbha - Dance of GujaratIt is a circular dance performed by women around an earthenware pot called a 'garbho', filled with water. A betel nut and a silver coin are placed within the pot, called a 'kumbh', on top of which a coconut is placed. As the dancers whirl around the pot, a singer and a drummer provide the musical accompaniment. The participants clap in a steady rhythm.

The Garbha Nritya is a circular form of dance performed by the women of Gujarat and this dance is performed during Navratri, Sharad Purnima, Vasant Panchami, Holi and other festivals.

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