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Dance of: Gujarat.
Best Known Forms: Raas, Garbha.
Performed: All Over The State.
Main Performance: During The Festival Of Navratri.

Gujarat has successfully preserved its rich tradition of song, dance and drama. The best known among these are 'Raas' and 'Garbha'. Folk drama in Gujarat is known as 'Bhavai'. Other popular forms of folk dances in Gujarat are Tippani Nritya, Siddi dance, Padhar Nritya, Dangi Nritya and other local tribal dances.

Dance in janmashtmi Festival - GujaratMIRTHFUL LEGACY OF LORD KRISHNA
Most of the art traditions trace back their origin to the ancient period of Lord Krishna. It is believed that Lord Krishna spent his boyhood days at Gokul and charmed its people with his ability to dance and play the flute. Later when he became the ruler of Dwarka, he not only distinguished himself as a great statesman and philosopher but also ensured that folk dance and music thrived in his kingdom.

Since then, the people of Gujarat have maintained their strong tradition in folk dances and have preserved them in all their majestic glory.

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