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Location: 60 Kms From Saputara, Gujarat
Prime Site: Purna Sanctuary.
Other Attraction: Dangh Darbar.

The Mahal region situated 60 km away from Saputara is dominated by the Purna Sanctuary. The longish drive passes through the most beautiful parts of Dangs with high wooded slopes of bamboo. It is endowed with rivers & bamboo glades and is a must for picnics, walks and treks.

Purna Sanctuary: A vast and rich forest laced with the Purna and Gira rivers. The hilly region with its cool interiors would tempt any tourist to explore. You would need a pair of sturdy shoes and packed lunch to best explore the cool interior of this hilly forest. Less strenuous and easy walks are pleasurable. Picnic huts are also available for use. Permission is required to enter the forest.

Girmal Falls: Easily the most marvellous sight during monsoons, the Girmal Falls is a little off the Mahal-Singana Road. The approach leads via a tribal village to a steep fall on the Gira River. The faint hillside is rich with rare flora and is worth exploring by the more adventurous trekkers. Provision for light refreshments are available. Picnic huts are available for use.

Cultural Show At Ahwa: As the tourist heads back to Saputara, a halt at Ahwa to enjoy the fast paced and acrobatic Dangi dance would be the best way to say goodbye to Dangs. The dance had been performed at the Festival of India in Paris and is one of the most entertaining dances of this region. Held at the open-air theatre Rangupvan, the show is highly recommended.

Dangs Darbar: An annual colourful tribal festival held prior to Holi (generally March/April), at Ahwa. It's a five-day fun filled colourful affair where the tribals congregate to celebrate an old custom of political pensions given to the tribal kings. There is merry making, dance, music, colour and a brisk buying and selling of tribal wares. The tourist can participate and enjoy the festivities of this unique celebration.

Air: Nearest airport is Mumbai .

Rail: Nearest railway station is Waghai, on the Billimora - Waghai narrow gauge section of the Western Railway. For those coming from Gujarat via Surat or Ahmedabad or even tom Bombay, Billimora is the most convenient rail head as direct bus service is available from there.

Road: State transport buses end private luxury coaches connects various centres of Gujarat and Maharashtra . It is situated 409 kms from Ahmedabad and 51 kms from Waghai.

Local Transport: Hired jeeps from Ahwa; organised tours within and outside Saputara in mini buses by Chitrakoot/ Vaity during peak seasons (two buses). Organised tours by TCGL.

First Aid Help: available at Waghai, Mahal and Saputara.
STD Facilities: Saputara, Ahwa.
Bombay : 255 km (via Nasik) & 345 km (via Chikli, Gujarat)
Nasik: 80 kms.
Surat: 135 kms.
Bilimora: 110 kms.
Valsad:135 km.
Ahmedabad : 400 kms.
Chikli: 100 kms.
Tithal: 140 kms.
Baroda 300 kms.

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