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Location: 60 Kms From Saputara, Gujarat
Prime Site: Purna Sanctuary.
Other Attraction: Dangh Darbar.

49 km from Saputara begins the town of Waghai around which many delightful tourist spots are situated. The drive itself is scenic and the air pure and refreshing.

Gira Falls in waghai - GujaratGira Falls: One km off the Saputara-Waghai Road, leads to a vast clearing where the picturesque Gira Falls emerging from the Kapri tributary can be viewed. An absolute must from June to November. Visitors can get refreshments from a small tea and snack stall. Picnic huts make it an ideal spot for relaxing and picnicking.

Botanical Garden: There is a large (24 hectare) garden with 1,400 varieties of plants from all over India. The amateur nature lover can marvel at different varieties of bamboo like the Chinese bamboo, Golden bamboo, Beer Bottle bamboo etc. and enjoy strolling along the beautiful walkways each lined with different species of tree.

Visitors can also pick up cactus plants and enjoy a picnic at the picnic spot in the garden. Permission is required to enter. Drinking water and toilet facilities are available.

Unnai Mata Temple And Hot Springs: A drive of about 19 kms from Waghai brings one to the Unnai Mata Temple. Visitors can bathe in the hot spring attached to this famous temple of considerable historical significance.

Vanil Udyog: A sprawling sawmill cum woodworking unit, which also sells furniture that the tourist can book and get delivered by paying an advance. The visitor can enjoy a guided tour and watch the transformation of logs of wood into tasteful furniture.

Permission is required to enter. Vanil Udyog provides employees to assist as tour guides. Drinking water facilities are available.

Monkeys in Vansada National Park - GujaratVansda National Park: A rich and old forest, predominantly covered by very tall teak trees, mango groves and gigantic creepers. The forest is extremely dense and some parts are dark even during normal daytime. The forest is a habitat of monkeys, deer, a few leopards and a wide species of birds. Permission is required to enter the park.

Ambapada: A typical Dangi village located about 1 km off the Saputara-Waghai Road, near the Gira Falls. The route to it is somewhat tricky but very scenic as it is surrounded on all sides by lush and tall bamboos. The tourist can take a walk in and around the village and also see some tribals engaged in the making of toys and lamps out of bamboo roots.

The circuit has numerous wayside tea and biscuit stalls and also small wayside dhabas near Waghai.

Air: Nearest airport is located at Mumbai .

Rail: Nearest railway station is Waghai, on the Billimora-Waghai narrow gauge section of the Western Railway. For those coming from Gujarat via Surat or Ahmedabad or even from Mumbai, Billimora is the most convenient rail head as direct bus service is available from there.

Road: State transport buses and private luxury coaches connect various centres of Gujarat and Maharashtra . It is located approximately 400 kms. from Ahmedabad .

A small private outlet selling locally crafted items fashioned out of bamboo roots and chips. Unique items like the big sized bamboo lamps, kangaroos, deer are available only here and not elsewhere in the region.

First Aid Help: available at Waghai, Mahal and Saputara.
STD Facilities: Saputara, Ahwa. Nearby Cities Mumbai: 255 kms (via Nasik) & 345 kms (via Chikli, Gujarat) Nasik: 80 kms. Surat: 135 kms. Bilimora: 110 kms. Valsad:135 km. Chikli: 100 kms. Tithal: 140 kms.

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