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Location : Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
Part Of : Sidi Bashir Mosque.
Unique Feature : On Shaking One Minaret, Other Also Shakes.

The Shaking Minarets are two minarets located at the Sidi Bashir mosque, near the Sarangpur Gate and about 1.5 kilometers south of railway station of Ahmedabad city, in the state of Gujarat. They are uniquely designed in a way that when one minaret is shaken the other one shakes too.

If one of the minaret is shaken the other vibrates too, as if following the principal of resonance. In an experiment, a small ball was hung to one of the minarets and when the other minaret was shaken, the hanging ball on the other exhibited swinging effect. Shaking Minarets - The Prime Attraction of Ahmedabad - Gujarat

The famous shaking minarets aroused so much curiosity in British rulers that one of the minaret was dismantled by them, in vain, to fathom the secret of its construction and the mystery behind the swinging effect.

This is a unique historical architectural marvel in the state of Gujarat. Each minaret is three storeyed with delicately carved balanced stone balconies, which girdle the minarets of each storey. These minarets are about 21.34 meters high.

Though popularly named after Sidi Bashir, a favourite slave of Sultan Ahmad Shah I, it is perhaps likely, the builder was Malik Sarang, a noble of Sultan Mahmud Shah Begada's court in whose name the adjoining locality of Sarangpur was built. Malik Sarang was a Rajput Hindu converted to Islam under the influence of Sultan and later became the Governor of Ahmedabad , in 1521 AD, during the reign of Muzaffar Shah II (1511-1526 AD). Popularly these are called as Siddi Bashir Minars.

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