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Location : Bhuj, Gujarat.

The Ethnology Museum is recommended for its rich collection of books and paintings of prominent Kachchhis. Mr Ramsinhji K. Rathod a scholar of the folk art of Kachchh and winner of many state Government awards has created an excellent museum in Bhuj, which is called Bhartiya Sanskruti Darshan.

The museum epitomizes the rustic life styles of the Kachchhi villager containing around 4500 exhibits. Also, there are more than 1500 rare books on art and culture. This museum has five major sections. In the Ethnological section, Sahitya Chitra, in the central hall can be found rare works of literature. In other sections are interesting artifacts such as leather embroidery, woodwork, woodcarvings, terra cotta, wall paintings, beadwork, stone carvings, musical instruments, knives and swords and silver work.

Inside one of the huts, is the intricately designed "Kothala" (the treasury). In olden times, ornaments money, and other valuables of the royalty were kept in the "Kothala".

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