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Location : Vadodara, Gujarat.
Founded By : Gaekwads.
Founded in : 1894 AD.

Founded by the Gaekwads in 1894 AD, the museum has an impressive collection on art and archaeology, natural history, geology and ethnology. The Vadodara Museum and it's twin, the Picture Gallery are indeed the most rewarding destination for visitors with an iota of curiosity. The museum houses a prized collection acquired in India and abroad by Maharaja Sayajirao III.

The collection of Indian miniatures, European oil-paintings, sculpture, textiles, objects from Japan, Tibet and Nepal, Indian and foreign coins, wide array of items for the study of science and natural history earns for this museum a place of its own.

Vadodara Museum in GujaratThe museum also houses famous Akota Bronzes, 11th century Shiva Natraj, exquisite 9th century Shiva Natraj, exquisite 9th century ivory box from Nagina, U.P., Ganj -e- Shahid inscription of Qazzaq Khan, Mughal Governor of Dabhoi (1635 AD) 32 miniatures from Razm Nama, a Persian version of the Hindu epic Mahabharata commissioned by Emperor Akbar, 109 miniature paintings donated by Jagmohandas Modi, etc.

The upper floor of the museum building contains a section on natural history, ethnology and geology while the upper floor of the gallery building contains European paintings. The ethnology section features the costumes and utensils of Gujarati tribes.

There is an exhibition by the Department of Archaeology at the M.S. University. Here you will find catalogues and a collection of Buddhist period discovered from Devi-ni-Mori, which is presently submerged in Meshavo Dam near Shamalaji.

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