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Location : Haryana
Capital : Chandigarh
Tourist Attractions : Rock Garden, Sukhna Lake, Govt. Museum & Art Gallery
Best Time To Visit : October to March.

Most Haryanvis are farmers and except for south Haryana, the rest of the state is rich in vegetables. The adventurous, outgoing inhabitants, eat well and drink well. Haryanvis are predominantly vegetarian. The eating habits of the essentially rural haryanvis are simple and non-fussy. The people of Haryana traditionally eat and enjoy whatever comes their way. Their food is rich and designed to delight and satisfy, rather than dazzle.

The Staple Diet
Traditional favourites, besides fresh vegetables, are 'Bajra Ki Khichri' (salty, wholesome millet porridge) eaten with generous helpings of Ghee or 'Karhi' (chickpea flour beaten in spiced yoghurt). The refreshing Bathua-Ka-Raita (green leafy Bathua in delicately spiced yoghurt) and the lip-smacking 'Aloo-ki-Tikiyas' (mashed, browned potatoes patties, stuffed with spicy lentils, smothered in sour tamarind chutney) are other favourites. Milk, buttermilk and ghee form a compulsory part of the diet of a typical Haryanvi's meal.

Mixed Dals (an unusual combination of mixed, spiced pulses, simmered over a slow fire) is eaten with hot Ghee. The traditional breads eaten are 'chapatis' (millet, corn and whole wheat breads) and 'pooris' (puffed, fried whole wheat breads).

The Simply Sumptuous Desserts
The desserts prepared by the people are simple and delicious delicacies, churned out of easily available ingredients. Specialties include the scrumptious Gajar-ka-Halwa (grated carrots simmered in sweetened milk, with almonds scattered about), the extravagant 'Kheer' (rice, simmered in thick sweetened milk with raisins) and the rich 'Raabri' (wheat flour custard, simmered in sweet buttermilk).

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