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» North India
» Haryana
Celebrated In : Chandigarh, Haryana
Also Known As : Rose Festival
Duration : 3 days
In The Month Of : February

The Festival of Gardens, a three-day celebration, which is organised in the last week of February, is also on the national calendar of festivals. Earlier, it was known as Rose Festival and intended to encourage people to walk through the Rose Garden and enjoy the beauty of roses. Celebrated at Rose Festivals Of GardensGarden in the month of February end or beginning of March. It is known as the 'Festival Of Gardens' since 1997.

The Extravaganza
The festival includes performances of music and dance, both classical and folk, flower shows, events for children, exhibitions by local artists, photographers and craftsman and a wide range of amusements. The various competitions such as children competition, dog shows, flower decoration competitions etc are organised.

Number of colourful events like Garbha, Haryanvi Dance, Gidda, Bhangra, Street Shows, magic shows are organised, which keep on enthralling thousands of visitors who flock to the Rose Garden. Contests like, on-the-spot painting, Rose prince and Rose Princess, are organised among different categories of age groups of children, which are widely applauded by the people. Various companies put up their stalls to show their products.

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