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Location : Haryana
Capital : Chandigarh
Tourist Attractions : Rock Garden, Sukhna Lake, Govt. Museum & Art Gallery
Best Time To Visit : October to March.

The arrival of monsoons in India brings in a lot of enthusiasm and rejuvenation in the lives of the people, which gets reflected in the whole environment. Teej is celebrated on 'Sawan Sudi' - 3 (Jul-Aug). It is celebrated to welcome 'Sawan' or the rainy season. After first showers of Sawan, a small red insect called 'Teej' in Haryana comes out from soil.

Festival Of Teej Swings are set up in the open courtyards. Girls apply henna on their hands and feet and are excused from household chores on this day.

The Legend
The festival of Teej welcomes the monsoon. This is the time when the oppressive heat of the summer is cooled by the monsoon showers. The festival also marks the auspicious event when Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva won him over after a long penance. In rural lands and especially in Haryana and Rajasthan , the images of the Goddess Parvati are taken out in large processions.

The Festivity
On Teej, girls receive new clothes from their parents and the mother sends a 'baya' or gift. Puja is performed in the morning. The 'baya' consisting of a variety of foodstuff, is placed on a 'thali' at the place of worship where a 'chowk' (square) has been decorated, an idol or a picture of Parvati is installed. The evenings are set aside for singing and dancing.

Place Of Festive Activity
The Myna Tourist Complex in Rohtak (74 kms from Delhi) comes alive during the festival of Teej. Swings are fashioned on boughs of trees and cultural programmes present the rich folk songs of the state. Feats are organised all over the state.

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