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Location : Hissar, Haryana
Built By : Feroze Shah Tughluq
Built For : His Gujjar Queen

The Gujari Mahal The Gujari Mahal was built by Feroze Shah Tughluq (AD 1351-1388) for his beloved Gujari Rani, a native of Hissar with whom he fell in love during the course of one of his hunting expeditions. The palace imbibes characteristic features of Tughluq architecture such as massive tapering walls thickly plastered in lime, with narrow openings.

The legend
According to a legend, Feroze Shah Tughlaq, during one of his hunting trips, came across a Gujjar girl. The Sultan, enthralled by her beauty, offered to marry her. Although they got married, the girl refused to accompany the Sultan to Delhi, fearing that she may not be treated on a par with his other wives. As she preferred to stay back, the Sultan constructed a palace for her. This palace is now known as 'Gujari Mahal'.

Standing on a high plinth which has underground chambers, the palace consisting of a 'baradari' (pavilion) is approached by a flight of steps. The 'baradari' is a square structure with developed arches, three on each side. All entrances except one are provided with stone doorframes. The roof has nine bays, each carrying hemispherical dome and decorated with panelling work in lime plaster. The exterior walls above the arched openings are provided with beautifully carved red sandstone brackets.

How To Get There
Air: The nearest airport is at Delhi.
Rail: The nearest railway junction is at Hissar.
Road: Hissar has a well-developed road network.

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