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Location : Panipat, Haryana
Significance : Ibrahim Lodhi's Grave
Nearest Attraction : Tomb Of Bu Ali Shah Qalandar

Ibrahim Lodhi was a brave king, who was defeated by Babur in 1526 AD in the first battle. He lies buried in Panipat in a tomb. His grave is a simple affair; just a rectangular block on a high platform approached by a flight of steps made of 'lakhori' bricks. The tomb was renovated by the British, and it carries an inscription mentioning Ibrahim Lodhi's defeat at the hands of Babur.

Nearby Attractions

Kabuli Shah Mosque: About 2 kms away from Panipat, this mosque was built by none other than Emperor Babur himself just after his victory over Ibrahim Lodhi. Babur named the mosque after his wife Kabuli Begum. The mosque is flanked by chambers on two sides. Also an inscription in Persian runs along the parapet.

Dargah Of Bu Ali Shah Qalandar: A shrine dedicated to the Muslim saint, Bu Ali Shah Qalandar. Bu Ali is said to have rid the town of flies, but when the people complained, he gave all the flies back multiplied by a thousand.

Fort: A fort rises up away from Panipat at its highest point, still guarding the city from invaders.

Jain temples: There are Jain temples in Holi Mohalla (locality).

By Rail: All trains from Kurukshetra go to Delhi or Kalka via Panipat.
By Road: Panipat is situated on the Ambala-Kurukshetra-Delhi route, on the NH-1. It is 87 kms from Delhi.It is well connected by bus service to Delhi, Ambala and Kurukshetra

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