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Location : Thanesar, Haryana
District : Kurukshetra
Dimensions : 1000m Long & 750m Wide

The ancient site, known as Raja Harsh-ka-Tila, is an extensive mound approximately 1 km long and 750 m wide. The height of the mound is about 15 to 18 m from the surrounding area. Excavations here have revealed a sequence of cultures, which ranges from the Kushana to the Mughal period. A few painted 'Grey Ware' shreds were found in the pre-Kushana levels.

The site was fortified from the Kushana to the Mughal period. The significant discovery of post- Gupta period is represented by brick structures associated with 'Red Polished Ware'. Structural remains along with antiquities of the Indo-Islamic period were also exposed, including a Mughal period garden complex on the Charbagh pattern.

How to get there
Air: The nearest airport is at Chandigarh.
Rail: The nearest rail junction is at Kurukshetra.
Road: Kurukshetra has a bus stand of its own.

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