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Location : Sonipat, Haryana
Built for : Khwaza Khizr
Built during : 1522 AD & 1525 AD

Tomb Of Khwaja Khizr The beautiful tomb dedicated to Khwaza Khizr was built over the mortal remains of a local saint, who flourished during the reign of Ibrahim Lodi (AD 1517 - 1526). According to a Persian inscription, the tomb complex of Khwaja Khizr, son of Darya Khan Sarwani, was built during AD 1522 - 1524. This tomb is among the few monuments where 'kankar' blocks have been used along with red sandstone.

Standing on a high platform and reinforced with square projections at the corners, the tomb is approachable by a flight of steps leading to the gateway. The gateway consists of two arched openings at the end of a central passage, having a façade decorated with mouldings, lotus medallions and arched recesses. The ceiling of the chamber is decorated with floral designs executed in blue, yellow, green and dull red colours.

The burial chamber is surmounted by a hemispherical dome, resting on an octagonal low drum crowned by a finial sitting over an inverted lotus flower.

How To Get There
Air: The nearest airport is at Delhi .
Rail: The nearest rail junction is at Sonipat.
Road: Sonipat has a bus stand of its own.

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