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Location : Kurukshetra, Haryana
Dedicated To : Lord Krishna
Established By : Kurukshetra evelopment Board

In a bid to celebrate the Sri Krishna motif in this holy town, especially in the absence of any major historic structure, the Kurukshetra Development Board has set up the Sri Krishna Museum. This is the only centre of its kind in the entire country and its presence in Kurukshetra has special significance.

The Artifacts On Display
The exhibits here display varied phases of Lord Krishna's life. Patta Chitra, Kangra, Madhubani and Pichhawai paintings, bronze collection dating to the times of the Pallava, Chola and Nayaka period celebrate the life of Sri Krishna.

The wooden carvings showing 'Venugopala' and 'Dasavataras' of the Lord are excellent specimens of workmanship. The museum even has Sri Krishna as 'Venugopal' in ivory. Other images of Lord Krishna's colourful life include Krishna as a mischievous child, Krishna on the lotus leaf as the rain falls and Krishna vanquishing the lady demon "Putna". 'Kansa' being killed, Krishna holding aloft of the mountain on his little finger, his mirthful dance 'Ras' with Gopis and his role as a charioteer in the battle of Mahabharata are all depicted in the museum.

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