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Location : 22 Kms From Chandigarh, Haryana
Famous For : Mughal Gardens
Nearby Attractions : Morni Hills, Panchkula
Main Languages/Dialect: Hindi, Punjabi, Haryanvi, English

The Imperial Pinjore
Located barely 22 kms from Chandigarh and 14 kms from Panchkula town, Pinjore lies on the foothills of the lower Shivalik ranges. Pinjore is famous for one of the most fascinating Mughal Gardens. Pinjore Gardens are one of the most popular tourist resorts not only for tourists, but also for historians and archaeologists. The Pinjore valley has a climate that is pleasant and far from urban noises. Pinjore is not just an ancient, historical place but also has a lot of religious importance. Tools of early man have been found from the region.

PinjoreFrom the religious angle, Pinjore has long been associated with the five Pandava brothers of the epic Mahabharata. It is believed that the Pandavas stayed in the area during their exile. Because of their presence in the region, the place was once known as Panchpura. This later changed to the word 'Pinjore'. Even today, Pinjore bears images of its ancient history. Old scriptures and inscriptions and an 'Baoli' or water well stand testimony to the ancient history of the region.

Tourist Attractions
Bhima Devi Temple: The ruins of Bhima Devi Temple are an indication to the ancient history of the area. Lying a short walk from the Mughal Gardens, the Bhima Devi Temple ruins display figures of four-armed Shiva, colossal head of Bhairava and forms of Ganesha and Shakti. The ruins of the temple indicate that the temple belonged to the old Panchayatan group and antedate to the 9th to 11th century A.D.

Mughal Gardens/Yadavindra Gardens: The most fascinating attraction of the Pinjore valley are the majestic Mughal Gardens. The structures date to the 17th century AD. Planned by Nawab Fidai Khan, a cousin of Aurangzeb, and an architect of repute, the Mughal Gardens date back to 17th century AD.

The garden consists of awe-inspiring palaces, namely the Rang Mahal and the Sheesh Mahal. The Gardens were handed over to Haryana in 1966 AD when it was formed as a new state. The Gardens were the first and the only centre of tourist attraction at that time.


Pinjore At NightMorni Hills: On the opposite hillside of the Pinjore valley, lie the Morni Hills. Far from crowd and pollution, the hills here are over 3900ft above sea level. Crowned by a pocket of pine trees, the hills look green and blue. The area is quiet, with hardly a bus moving up the hillside. The greens are yet undisturbed.

Panchkula: This is a relatively new town. Panchkula lies 4 km from Chandigarh. There are many attractions in this model town like a Topiary Park, a Cactus Garden; Vatika Parkland along with well laid out roads and homes, against the background of the lower Shivalik hills.

Ambala: The town was a British cantonment. Now, it is a town of scientific instruments. It lies about 60 km from Pinjore. Here tourist facilities are available at Kingfisher tourist resort. Restaurant, bar, coffee shop, gift shops, conference hall, health club and guestrooms have been provided for tourists. The resort lies on the NH#1.


How to Get There
Air: Pinjore is 20 km away from Chandigarh. Indian Airlines flies daily into Chandigarh from Delhi .
Rail: Several trains pull into Chandigarh from Delhi.
Road: There is a well-developed network of road transport.

Where to Stay
Haryana Tourism operated resort, Budgerigar.
Yadavindra Gardens Tourist Complex.
Sheesh Mahal, Pinjore Gardens.
Rang Mahal, Pinjore Gardens.
Red Bishop, Panchkula.
Kingfisher Tourist Complex, Ambala.
Mountain Quail, Morni Hills.

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