Lossar Festival- Losar Famous Tibetan New Year

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» North India
» Himachal Pradesh
Location: Lahaul District, Himachal Pradesh
Also Known As: The Tibetan New Year
Month: Mid-November to First week of December

This festival is celebrated for the welcome of the winter season. The local deity is worshipped with the hope that the winter would be happy and prosperous for the local people.

The Festivity
Ritual dances and an unbelievably rich imagery mark Lossar. This is celebrated in Buddhist areas throughout the state-while Lahaul's monasteries have some of the most spectacular performances.

On its eve, the stylised 'Chhaam' dance and elaborate costumes and masks, commemorate the assassination of the cruel Tibetan king, 'Langdarma' in the 9th century. Often-though wrongly-called the devil dance, it symbolises the triumph of good over evil.

It is celebrated on 25th of eleventh month of local calendar, which is from mid November to first week of December.

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