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Location: Himachal Pradesh
Altitude: 3,435m..
Places Of Interest: Kamru, Rakchham, Sangla, Morang-Chhitkul Trek
Best Time To Visit: May To November

Chhitkul is the last and highest village in the Baspa valley. It is situated on the right bank of Baspa river. There is a road along the left bank from Karcham.

Also known for its alpine meadows and snow-scapes, there are 3 temples of local 'Goddess Mathi', the main ones are said to have been constructed about 500 years ago.


Karchham: The N.H.22 that follows the old Hindustan-Tibet route goes past the villages of Jeoti, Wangtu, Tapri and Karchham. Karchham is located on the conflux of the Satluj and Baspa rivers, which is the start of the picturesque Baspa or Sangla valley.

Kumru: The village of Kumru is a dense cluster of houses and is surrounded by fields and orchards. The main gate of Kumru has an image of Buddha whose blessings must be sought before entering the village confines.

Rakchham: It is situated about 13-km on the way to Chhikul from Sangla, on the right bank of the Baspa river and is famous for its panoramic beauty.

Sangla Valley, Himachal Pradesh VALLEYS
Sangla: The central villages in the scenic valley of Sangla are 18-km from Karchham. A link road that goes off the N.H. into the Baspa valley offers enchanting visit at every curve. There are saffron fields, orchards and higher up, as the climbs the steep inclines lovely alpine meadows. Sangla is built up at a sharp slope with the houses rising in tiers.   more...


Trekking: The Morang-Chhitkul trek via Charang Pass (5266m) is a medium trek of the Kinnaur Kailash and Phawarang Massifs. The trail passes through the Tirung Gad valley and crosses Charang Pass to reach Chhitkul in Baspa valley.   more...


Air: Shimla is the nearest airport.
Rail: Nearest rail heads Shimla narrow gauge Kalka broad gauge.
Road: Busses, Jeeps and taxis are available at Shimla Rampur and Peo.


Chhitkul has no shops and the only accommodation is a basic PWD rest house or the Timber Trekking Camp, which offers comfortable tents and meals.


Chhitkul is very cold in winter and pleasant in summer. Being dry zone, it receives no monsoon rains and hence, ideal for visit and trekking from May to November. Heavy wollens in winters and light wollens in winters are recommended.


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