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Location: Himachal Pradesh
Altitude: 2,759m.
Places Of Interest: Recong Peo, Kothi, Morang
Best Time To Visit: June To October

Beyond Recong Peo, just 14-km away from Powari, on the link road, is the main village of the District - Kalpa. Across the river, facing Kalpa is the majestic Kinner-Kailash range. This is a spectacular sight early in the morning as the rising sun touches the snowy peaks with crimson and gold light. Kalpa was also the favourite resting-place for several of the British colonialists.

Known as the Chini when it was the main town in Kinnaur, Kalpa is the legendary winter home of Shiva, during the winter, the god is said to retire to his Himalayan home from here and indulge his passion for hashish. In the month of Magha or January/February, the gods of Kinnaur supposedly meet here for an annual conference with Shiva.

Kalpa is the district headquarters, situated at a distance of 260-km from Shimla and 51-km from Sangla. Two wide link leads to Rekong Peo and then to Kalpa. Kalpa is surrounded with vineyards, which are protected from the ravages of bears by large sheep dogs especially trained for this purpose. There is also a temple dedicated to 'Narenas' gods.


Recong Peo: Up a side road from the main thoroughfare through Kinnaur are the two main towns of Kalpa, the former capital and Recong Peo the current capital of Kinnaur. Filled with incredible views of the mighty Kinnaur Kailash mountain, among several others, at around 6,000m.

Kothi: Just 3-km from Recong Peo, Kothi has a temple dedicated to the Goddess Chandika Devi. Set against the backdrop of mountains and groves of deodar the temple has an unusual architectural style and fine sculpture. An exquisite gold image of the goddess is enshrined in the sanctum.

Powari: Situated, 70-km, from Rampur, Powari is the last major stop of N.H.22 with a petrol station. The link road to the district headquarters Recong Peo, takes off to Powari.

Morang: Morang is one of the largest village in Tukpa Pargana of Tehsil Morang. From Powari, Morang is 26-km and is situated at an altitude of 2,276m. It's a beautiful village and the approach to it is highly picturesque, encircled by lofty mountains on three sides except westward, where it is open. There is an ancient fort inside the village, believed to build by the Pandavas.


Air: Shimla is the nearest airport.
Rail: Nearest rail heads Shimla narrow gauge Kalka broad gauge.
Road: There are irregular buses between Kalpa and Reekong Peo. There are long-distance buses available to/from Rekong Peo.


The Timber Trekking Camps is 600m away from the Kalpa village. Circuit Rest House is equipped with a huge double room, bathroom, and fireplace, as well as spine tingling views of Kinnaur Kailash just outside.


The visitors can buy Kinnauri shawls and caps from the Handicrafts Emporium in Kalpa. Kalpa has earned its name because of good quality Chilgoza, which grow over here in abundance.


From April to October the climate in Kalpa is temperate. Light wollens for the early mornings and evenings are recommended. Night temperatures are low and sometimes the area can be quite windy.


Powari: 18-km
Shangla Valley: 51-km
Rampur: 84-km
Shimla : 260-km

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