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Location: 5-km Keylong, Bhaga Valley, Himachal Pradesh
Altitude: 3,500m
Built In:12th Century
Architecture Style: Lahaul & Spiti Style

In Lahaul is the 'KHARDANG GOMPA', a monastery that lies on the mountainside opposite to the Kyelong village. It is believed to be built in 12th century. Khardong village was once the capital of Lahaul.

The monastery is about 200 years old and the head Lama is called 'Narbo'. The architecture and sculpture of the monastery are typically 'Lahaul and Spiti' style. One of the most revered places of the Durga-Pa Sect, the monastery also has a large library of Kangyur and Tangyur volumes of Buddhist scriptures in Bhoti and a huge repositery of some exquisite thangka paintings, musical instruments such as lutes, drums, horns and old weapons.
The frescoes are colorful and the murals fascinating. This monastery has a huge prayer drum containing strips of paper upon which is the sacred mantra 'Om Mani Padme Hum'. This mantra has been written a million times.

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