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Location: Chamba, Himachal Pradesh
Main Attractions: Carved Doors from the Old Palaces and Frescoes
Exhibits: Copper Plate Grants, Title Deeds and Miniature Paintings
Significance: Inscriptions on the Medieval History of Chamba

Bhuri Singh Museum was opened on 14th September 1908 and is named after Raja Bhuri Singh who ruled Chamba from 1904 to 1919. This museum is very near to Chamba's Chaugan.

Bhuri Singh Museum, Chamba, Himachal PradeshBhuri Singh donated his family collection of paintings to the museum. The idea to open a public museum came from J. Ph. Vogel, an eminent Indologist, who was serving Archeological Survey of India. Through an intensive exploration he discovered, read and analyzed old inscriptions dispersed far and wide in the territory of Chamba State.

These inscriptions mostly in Sarda script shed important light on the mediaeval history of Chamba. The Prasastis of Sarahan, Devi-ri-kothi and Mul Kihar are now preserved in the museum. Paintings of 'Bhagwat Purana' and 'Ramayana' in peculiar style are inspired by Basohli idiom of painting, whereas Krishna, Sudama, Rukmini 'Vivah' and 'Usha-Anirudh' and portraits in prime Guler-Kangra style were executed by the artists who were patronized by the Chamba rulers.

The old museum building, which merged well with the landscape of Chamba, was pulled down and the present concrete monolith was inaugurated in 1975.

The embroidered Chamba-Rumals are related in style since their drawings were made by pahari painters though the embroidery was done by the household ladies.

Besides these major items of collections, there are coins, hill jewellery and costumes- both traditional and royal, arms and armour, musical instruments and various decorative objects.

Carved doors from the old palaces, frescoes as well as emgire used by Chamba's erstwhile rulers are also on display.

TIMING: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
CLOSED: Monday and other gazetted holidays.

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