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Location: Himachal Pradesh
Altitude: 1,350m.
Places of Interest: Shalooni Devi Temple, Barog, Bon Monastery
Best Time To Visit: April to June & September to November

Solan Valley, Himachal PradeshSolan district, also known as the 'Mahasu' district that is the most developed of all Himachal districts. The British loved Solan and built a number of small towns almost each of them with a with a cantonment area on its outskirts.

Solan has ' Bilaspur' and ' Mandi' districts on its North, ' Shimla ' to its east, ' Sirmaur' to its Southeast and the state of Haryana to its south. Some of the best-loved places in Solan are Kasauli, Dagshai, Solan town, Kandaghat, Chail, Nalagarh, Sabathu and Aski.

The weather in the district is cool and delightful throughout the year. Flowers of many colors and shapes fill the valleys, forest slopes and the mountain meadows. The forests are covered with pines, apricots, walnuts, pears and plums. The terraced fields grow maize and paddy, while peas, tomatoes, ginger, beans, green chilies are all very popular.

Elderly from Solan Valley, Himachal PradeshThe district has a number of springs and streams, which can be found in the hills, and woods of the area. Those, looking for peace and relaxation, all venture out of Solan. The Kalka- Shimla Toy Train passes through the district of Solan and provides beautiful sights for the locals. The climate is mild and pleasant and you can find plenty of fruits. Short and long treks are also available for those interested. For others the quiet laid back pace of the area is a boon sent from heaven.

' Chail' in this district is situated on a spur and on a clear day provide a view of the valley through which the mighty Satluj River flows. It was developed by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh and is today an even more beautiful place than Shimla. It is beautiful all round the year and particularly in the spring and autumn seasons. In the autumns, the forests are covered in russet and gold.

In the springs a myriad of colors burst forth with the hyacinth, celandine, carmine rhododendrons and the pine and deodar forests. If one is interested in picnics, rambles and walks in the woods, then Solan is the district for you. The town of Solan, named after the Goddess 'Solan Devi' is well known for its brewery, which was started in 1835. Originally known as the Dyer-Meakin Brewery, today it is known as the Mohan-Meakin Breweries.

With the willow trees and bamboo that grows near the streams, the place resounds with the ever-present song of the hill man. The snow-capped peaks and crystal clear lakes, rich forests and fruit laden valleys are enough to charm the most reluctant of all visitors.


Barog: Just 8-km from Solan and 37-km from Kalka, Barog is situated at the height of 1,600m. One can have a panoramic view of Churdhar Peak (3,647m), which poetically translates into 'Mountain of the Silver Bangle'. Barog was an important stop on the railway line in the earlier part of the century. Now it has longest tunnel on Shimla Kalka narrow gauge railway line. The major attraction is Barog height resort situated at the top of the hill, which offer the picturesque view of the surrounding area.   more...

Bon Monastery (Yung Drung Ling): 12-kms from Solan, this monastery is the second oldest monastery in the world after the one present in Tibet.

Jatoli ShivTemple: This is a very old temple and every year an annual fair is organised here on the occasion of Mahashivratri, which makes it a must see place, just 6-kms away from Solan.

Sholoni Devi Temple: The temple of Goddess Sholoni Devi is situated at the southern part of the town and Solan was named after Devi Sholoni. The famous Shalooni fair is held here every year in the month of June over here, which is dedicated to Goddess Sholoni Devi.

Giri Picnic: Enjoy your picnic amongst the cool waters of Giri, 20-kms from Solan.

Karol Tibba: This place has a historic value as Pandavas lived here during their 'Agyatvas' period. Covering a 2-hours trek from the resort will take one to this wonderful place, an ideal place for nature lovers.

Toy Train Ride: Just enjoy this ride with children while going to Shimla and return back with memories to cherish for the rest of your life.

Dr. Yashwant Singh Paramar University Of Horticulture & Forestry: This forestry & horticulture university is the first one in Asia. It is spread over an area of 550 hectares in village of Naunj on the Solan-Rajgarh road in district Solan and is 15-km from the town. This university was established on 1st December 1985, the founder being Dr.Y.S.Paramour, the first chief minister of Himachal Pradesh. It is divided into 14 departments, which are looked after by a faculty of over 200 scientists & teachers. It offers under graduate, postgraduate & doctoral courses in horticulture, forestry & allied disciplines.


Air: From Kasauli the nearest airport is Chandigarh and Shimla is the nearest airport from Solan.

Rail: The nearest railhead is Kalka in Haryana , which is 40-km from Kasauli and 44-km from Solan. Solan is also well connected with narrow gauge railway line from Kalka.

Road: Solan and Kasauli are also well connected by roadway buses, coaches, and taxis, which are easily available from Chandigarh and Delhi.


Even if Solan isn't as famous hill staion as Shimla and Manali , still accommodation options are pretty good over here. Some accommodation choices in Solan include:
HTPDC's Tourist Resort, Solan
Tourist Bungalow, Solan


Solan is a bracing hillstation throughout the year but hotter as compared to Shimla. At the time of summer in Solan, cotton clothes are recommended as the temperature rises to 35 Celsius and light woolen to heavy woolens are required in winters as the temperature dips to -2 Celsius.


Barog: 8-km
Kalka: 44-km

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