Adventure Sports in Himalaya

Highest Himalayan Peak: 8,000 metres (26,000 feet).
Himalayan Destinations: Lahaul & Spiti, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh
Famous Himalayan Adventure Sports: Trekking in Himalaya,, Paragliding & Parasailing, Skiing in Himalaya
Most Thrilling Himalayan Sports: Himalayan Motor Rallying

Adventure  in Himalayas
So you are planning a adventure holiday within the Himalayan range, but are you aware about the adventure options that Himalayas have got instored for you. The first in the list of adventure activities over here is Trekking. Whether its the harsh and rough climate of the cold deserts of Ladakh, Zanskar, Lahaul and Spiti or the green pastures of Uttaranchal and Kumaon Hills or the high mountain zones of Nepal, the Himalayas is a trekker's paradise.

When there are mountains and glaciers, there's bound to be numerous rivers and untamed rivers such as the Ganges make the experience of white water rafting all the more exciting. Another adventure sport that has really caught the attention of adventurers is skiing. Mountaineering and skiing on the high slopes of Himalayas is undoubtly a dream every skier would love to fulfill. Other adventure options include Heli skiing, Rock climbing, Para gliding and Jeep and Jungle Safari. But to get the adrenalin pumping you have to visit the Himalayas first.

Camping in Himalaya
Camping is perhaps the best way of enjoying the wonders of nature given to Himalayan regions and sharing the warmth of its people. Wildlife camping is not very different from normal camping, except the wild camping doesn't get restricted to season or any adventure activity. It works as a recreational program and there isn't any age limit in this. Any one who likes to explore nature and want to learn the facts about what nature has given to us and what we can give in return, can take up this camping expedition.

Camping Sites in The Himalayas:
Take along your camping gear and opt for any of the several camps that are pitched in various parts of the state of Himachal Pradesh. These camps offer accommodation, catering and a variety of activities like hikes, fishing, nature-tours and rafting. Himachal Tourism has camps organised at Sarchu in Lahaul, and in addition to built- accommodation, tents are available at Sangla and Kalpa in Kinnaur, and at Kaza in Spiti.

Canoeing & Kayaking
Whether it is the challenge of taming the white waters or the pleasure of gliding over calm waters on a lake, canoeing or kayaking can be thrilling and exciting adventure to any sports enthusiast.. Kayaking is just like backpacking on an off beaten path, except that this time your adventure is on the sea. This sport provide the best opportunity for sports lovers to come close to nature. While canoeing presents quiet a unique combination of exploration.

Besides keep a person fit, canoeing and Kayaking are eco-friendly water sports. Canoes and kayaks are boats tapered at their ends so that they may cut through water easily. This unique feature makes them highly efficient on trying on most kind of water bodies. Canoes can accommodate atleast two people with their gear and is usually practiced on lakes and rivers, which have flat and still water.

Fishing and Angling
Angling could become a very enjoyable sport that is if you've got planty of time in hand and loads of patience. This eco friendl;y sport is not for those who run out of patience every time they lose a fish or get tired for waiting for their catch! Hardly any anglers round the world have any idea that India makes a wonderful paradise for anglers.

And why not! With the so many rivers, streams there are numerous oppurtunites available for anglers to opt for sport fishing and angling in India. Beside the coastal areas, the foothill region of the Himalayas in northern states of India and the southern region of Nepal offer numerous oppurtunites to catch fish especially trout and Mahseer. Whether you're the type who likes to string a worm onto a makeshift line and catch your own dinner or a thoroughbred professional angler with the latest in fishing tackle- India's waters, both fresh and salt, can be a pleasant surprise.

Hang Gliding
Hang gliding is usually performed by using air current without an engine power. The pilot is suspended in a swing harness from the centre of the keel and maintains control wholly by weight shift arrangement with the help of airframe. To take off, the pilot runs on a down hill approximately 40-degree slope and is airborne the moment he crosses the gliders stalling speed, which vary from 15-km to 30-km per hour.

Soaring can be done by using ridge lifts created by wind striking the hill face or by hot air columns known as "thermals" that keep rising upward from the sun heated surface. One can fly as long as one wishes once he has acquired good experience.

Jeep Safari Jeep Safari
Alright so are planning to travel the off-beaten paths of Himalayas, but do you know the risk of inaccessibility and the thrill of driving through the cold deserts and valley areas of the Himalayas. If you don't then, there is no better time to try out jeep safari adventure then the present one.

Usually people have a notion that Himalayan region is just suitable for thos ewho like to trek or climb the snowy mountains and love to conqueror numerous unnamed peaks of the Himalayas. But , there is a very unique kind of thrill present in Jeep Safari, expecially for those who like to travel through the lesser known destinations. Jeep safari also gives the Jeep safari adventure a kind of humane touch, as you to get to explore the places, which probably the locals must be aware of till now.

Himalayan Motor Rallying

Motor ralleying is a one of a kind extreme sport of driving to the limits and beyond that. And while there are rules on the road, in motor rallying expecially in the mountain regions the rules are set by the nature. Its upto the rallyists discretion to whether to go by nature or to to go by his own instincts. Basically your driving instincts help a lot and in motor rallying especially on the off beaten tracks of the Himalayan regions, it tottally depends on you tackle the driving challenges. One of the major coverage areas of motors rallying are mountainous zones and the countryside areas.

Mountain Biking / Mountain Cycling
Wheeling Through The Himalayas

Cycling in the Himalayas really involves a combination of travelling by bus, walking and cycling. There are sections of one's journey which involve long, uphill climbing which are best covered by mounting one's cycle onto a bus so as to arrive at the starting point of one's real journey. For instance, the road sections from Kalka to Shimla or Kathgodam to Nainital, or Chandigarh to Manali where the road climbs steadily upwards for kilometre after kilometre and where bus and car traffic are heavy, give no pleasure to the mountain cyclist.

Paragliding & Parasailing

Fly Like A Bird!
Ever since man first looked up at the sky, he was yearned to glide and soar like an eagle in the sky. Parasailing and Paragliding are indeed, experiences that combine the wonder of smooth sailing in the air and the thrill of soaring high above the ground. Once in the air, one may experience the ethereal serenity of the sport. It is an experience that is surprisingly, thrilling as well as becalming. Para gliding uses "thermals' as the driving force, and is the closest one can get, to being a bird. In perfect weather conditions one can stay aloft for over three hours and can soar to heights more than 3,000m.

Trekking in Himalaya
While a powerful motorbike is the best mode of transport for covering vast stretches of mountains, paved roads restrict one. This is where trekking blended with rock climbing skills take you far in your quest for discovering the mountains at their pristine best. Most important thing while trekking in the Himalayas is to appreciate the scale and match one's destination with one's ability, for after all its about conquering the highest mountain ranges in the world! The best seasons to trek are the pre-monsoons and post monsoons.

Skiing in Himalaya
Skiing is one sport that has gained immense popularity all over the world and in the past decade have become quiet attention grabbing sport because of the Himalayas.. The vast open spaces above the snowline have flung open to the skiing enthusiasts. A plethora of ski locales in Jammu and Kashmir, the hills of Kumaon, Himachal Pradesh and the North eastern states of India have become the favourite ski hideouts of adventure lovers.

The awesome height and spread of the snow clad mountains, with the added advantage of powdered snow are tempting enough to magnetize the adventurous spirits of the avid skier, providing all the thrill and excitement attached to the game. Realizing the immense prospect for tourism, India has developed some of the most modern and also the resonable ski resorts in the whole world.

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