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Location: 187-km From Leh, Ladakh Region, J&K
Best Time To Visit: October To June

Dah and Hanu are places on the far side of the great Indus River on the far side of Leh . Surrounded by the great Hindu - Kush mountains and peopled by a hardy but gentle people who have a bank of strange legends to relate for the weary traveller's ears.

Situated In Isolation
Living in almost sheer isolation, Dah and Hanu, the two villages can be accessed only by a really bumpy road ride, which skirts a sheer cliff face with the river flowing fast and furious below. Then one could trek up a goat-track and experience what it means to climb lofty mountains. As one suddenly round a bend in the track, one is confronted with terraced fields of barley, studded with apricot trees, a smattering of stone huts and irrigation ditches covered with flagstones which are actually pathways.

An Interesting Tale
The story, according to its warm and handsome people goes thus when their forefathers chanced upon these villages on their expedition to find a new land for their tribe, seeing its inhospitable nature, they resolved to come back in Spring. When they returned as promised, they saw barley seeds dropping from the warm straw and insulating their shoes.

This phenomenon decided them to move here with their entire tribe, Gods and all. The interesting story revolving around their Gods, the 'Lahs' is that they were the only ones who held the secret to fertility but since all they were interested in was dance, dance and dance, the 'Dahs' discovered this secret by accident. The enraged Lahs then left the place with a huge explosion leaving a gaping hole in the ground.


Air: Nearest airport is Leh at 187-km. One can catch direct flights from Delhi to Leh and once a week via Chandigarh . Flights to Jammu and Srinagar are also there.

Rail: Nearest Railhead is situated in Jammu.

Road: Taxis are available from the Leh airport. One can also travel by road from Manali or Srinagar.


Accommodation is available in a range of hotels in Leh and in the tourist bungalow run by the state tourism department at Saspol 106-km from Dah.

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