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Location:Deccan Plateaus of South India
Capital: Bangalore
Tourist Attractions: Temples, Caves
Best Time To Visit: September To March

KarnatakaThe redolent land of Karnataka, with a rich history antedating 2000 years is brimming with the fragrance of fresh sandalwood, roasted coffee beans and a medley of various kinds of roses. A perfect holiday destination, the Karnataka state, influenced by great dynasties like the Mauryas, Nandas, Chalukyas, Pallavas, Cholas, Gangas and Hoysalas has a relaxed length of coastline. No tourist can afford to miss the contrasting kaleidoscopic hues presented forth by the techno-city of Bangalore, the magnificent mammoth statue of Sravanbelagola, the glistening silks of Mysore and the historic ruins at Hampi in Karnataka.


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