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Location : 80 Kms From Belgaum, Karnataka
Height : 170 Feet
Unique Feature : Horse-Shoe Shape Of The Valley

Gokak Falls, Belgaum, KarnatakaThe Gokak Falls are created by Ghataprabha River that takes a 170-ft leap here over a sandstone cliff. The cliff is in a picturesque gorge of the Gokak valley and is in the shape of a horse-shoe. The rugged valley and the picturesque gorge inspire poetry.

The dull roar of the falls can be heard from a distance. The general features such as the height, rapidity and the shape of the falls are very similar to that of the Niagara Falls except width and colour of the falls.

The falls with a horseshoe shape at the crest have a floor breadth of 177 metres. Electricity was first generated here for the first time in the country in 1887 AD. The generating station can be accessed by the ropeway.

Viewing The Cascades
Take the unconventional low level bridge from the Dhunpadal village and watch the great Ghataprabha River wind its way serenely before plummeting over a sand stone cliff of 52 metres.

One can explore the ancient Chalukyan monuments having inscriptions dating back to 6th century on the either bank of the rocky gorge.

The Gokak railway station is 6 kms away.

By road Gokak falls can be approached from Belgaum which is 80 kms away. Best Time To Visit July-September is the best period to enjoy the fury and the glory of the Gokak Falls.

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