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Location: Kerala
Performed in: Koothambalam of Temples
Performed: By a Single Person

Chakiar Koothu - A Socio-Religious Art Form Performed in Koothambalam of Temples in KeralaChakkiar Koothu is a socio-religious art performed in the 'Koothambalams' or the 'Koothuthara' of temples, either independently or as a part of Koottiyattam.

It is a solo narrative performance by the 'Chakkiar', interspersed with mime and comic interludes. The 'Chakkiar' dons the role of 'Vidushaka' or a wise jester.

Through his inimitable narration of stories from the Epics, the 'Chakkiar' satirizes the manners and customs of the time. No one is above the butt of his ridicule.

His wit ranges from innocent mockery to veiled innuendoes, barbed pun and pungent invectives. Koothu is intermittently accompanied by the percussion instrument 'Mizhavu'.

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