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Location: Kerala
Significance: One of the Earliest Theatre Art Forms in Kerala
Based on: Puranic Legends of Lord Shiva and his Consort Parvati

The satirical dance drama of Kakkarissi Natakom is based on the puranic legends of Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati, when they assumed human forms as Kakkalan and Kakkathi, a nomadic tribe of fortune tellers, reckoned to be among the lowest castes of society.

The legend only serves as a skeletal framework for the play, which often turns into a subtle critique of contemporary society. The language is a blend of Tamil and Malayalam.

The chief characters are Kakkalan, Kakkathi, Vetan, Velichappadu, Thampuran and the ubiquitous Jester. The Dholak, Ganchira, Chenda and the Harmonium provide the background score.

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