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Location: Kerala
Based on: The Life of Lord Krishna
Unique Feature: Lasts for Eight Days

Krishnanattom - A Traditional Dance Performance Based on the LIfe of Lord Krishna, KeralaKrishnanattom is the traditional performance that lasts for eight days and covers the whole span of Krishna's life from his birth to 'Swargarohanam' or ascension to the heavens.

Orchestral accompaniments are 'Maddalam', 'Ilathalam' and 'Chengila'. Krishnanattom, though boasting of a unique choreography assumes more the nature of a Morality Play, seldom presuming to lay claim to the theatrical sophistry so integral to Kathakali and Koottiyattam. Krishnanattom is a spectacle for both the scholar and the simple rustic.

The visual effect is enhanced by varied and colourful facial make-up with larger-than-life-masks, made of lightwood and cloth padding, for certain characters. The characters who do not wear masks have specific facial colours applied within the frame of a white 'chutti'.

The predominant colours used are dark green, flesh tint and deep rose. Most of the characters wear red vests and flowing 'Uthariyams'. The characters of Krishna, Arjuna and Garuda wear dark blue vests.

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