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Location: Kerala
Performed at: The Temples where the Diety is Goddess Kaali
Significance: Symbolises the Victory of Goddess over the Demon Daarikan

Mudiyettu - A Dance Form Symbolizing the Victory of Goddess Kaali over the Demon Daarikan, KeralaMudiyettu is a ritual dance performed in some Kaali temples of Ernakulam and Kottayam districts. Symbolic of the Goddess's triumph over the demon Daarikan, Mudiyettu is performed by a 'Kuruppu' or a 'Marar' who belongs to the temple-bound communities of Kerala.

'Kalamezhuthu', the ritual drawing of the goddess Kaali on the floor, with coloured powders, precedes the Mudiyettu. After Kalamezhuthu, hymns are sung in praise of goddess Kaali. Prior to the performance, the Kuruppu erases the Kalam with tender palm fronds.

The performer in the role of Kali is aided by 'Koimpala Nayar', the local guide and 'Kooli', the attendant. As per legends, Daarikan, the symbol of evil, challenges Kali to a duel.

Kaali slays Daarikan, thanks to the grace of Lord Siva. The costume consists of a wooden headgear with a mask of Kaali. An ornamental red vest and a long white cloth complete the attire.

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