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Location: Kerala
Also Called: Pallippaana
Main Feature: It is a Part of Three Day Festival and is Performed During Night

Paana - A Ritual Art to Propitiate the Goddess Bhadrakaali, KeralaPaana or Pallippaana, as it is sometimes called, is a ritual art to propitiate the goddess Bhadrakaali, popular in the districts of Thrissur, Palakkad and Malappuram. Paana is part of a three-day festival.

Near the shrine, a conopy is erected, supported by 64 posts of the 'Paala' tree (Alstonia Scholaris) and adorned with tender palm fronds. A stump of this tree is ceremonially brought to the site and planted there. A non-figurative 'Kalam' is drawn in the centre using coloured powders.

A ceremonial sword is placed on a red silk cloth under the tree stump to signify the presence of the goddess. At the end of a series of rites, the oracle arrives and moves in a trance around the Kalam and the pandal.

'Para', a variation of the Chenda is the main percussion instrument, and produces a frenzied beat to match the furious movements of the oracle. Performed during the night, the ritual lasts for about three hours.

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