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Celebrated In:Kerala
Centre of Activity: Chettikulagara Bharanai Temple
Held In: February / March
Main Rituals: Kuthiyottam, Kettukazcha

Chettikulanagara Bharani, KeralaChettikulagara Bharanai Temple, the famous temple dedicated to the awesome Goddess Bhagavathi is about 5 kms from Kayamkulam. The important festival here occurs on the Bharani asterism in February/ March.

The main rituals of the festival are the 'Kuthiyottam' and 'Kettukazcha'. The 'Kuthiyottam' features a procession of young boys who have observed rigorous ritual penance.

Traditional drums, music and glittering ornamental parasols accompany this procession of boys who dance in a trance.

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