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Celebrated In: Ernakulam, Kerala
Centre of Activity: Kanjiramattom Mosque
Held In: 14th Of January, Every Year
Main Ritual: Chandanakkudam

Kanjiramattom Mosque - Kanjiramattom Festival is Held in this Mosque, Ernakulam, Kerala The festival of 'Kodikuthu' is celebrated on the 14th of January each year, in Kanjiramattom Mosque, 25 kms from Ernakulam.

The mosque is believed to have been built as a memorial to Sheikh Faridudddin. During the "Chandanakkudam" ritual at night, pilgrims carrying pots covered with sandalwood paste proceed in a procession to the mosque.

Six caparisoned elephants and folk performances accompany the procession. Traditional Muslim art forms like Oppana and Mappilappattu are also staged during the festival.

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