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Celebrated In:Central Kerala
Held In: February/March
Famous For: Elephant Pageant
Duration: 8 Days

Uthralikavu Pooram, KeralaOne of the most famous festivals of central Kerala, Uthralikavu Pooram is celebrated in the Malayalam month 'Kumbham' (February/ March).

On the eighth day of the utsavam at Rudhira Mahakaali kavu Temple (Uthralikavu), twenty one caparisoned tuskers line-up with colorful parasols atop them in the nearby 'maidan'.

The grand pageant is accompanied by traditional musical ensembles like 'Panchavadyam', 'Pandimelam' etc. at night in the glow of traditional temple torches called 'Theevatti'. The pageant and festivities go on until dawn and draws to a close with spectacular fireworks.

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