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Location: 15 Kms From Munnar, Kerala
Main Attraction: Nilgiri Tahr
Part Of: Eravikulam Wildlife Sanctuary
Nearby Attractions: Anamudi

Nilgiri Tahr, Rajamala Wildlife Sanctuary, , Idukki, KeralaRajamala Wildlife Sanctuary, located 15 kms from Munnar is the natural habitat of Nilgiri Tahr. Half the world population of the rare mountain goat is concentrated in this region.

The animal is fast becoming extinct. The sanctuary is a part of the Eravikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, and visitors are allowed only to the tourism area in the Rajamala region.

The Nilgiri Tahrs are now reduced to small herds found in Eravikulam-Rajamala region. The total number of Nilgiri Tahrs in Rajamala is estimated at 1317.

Recreation - Rajamala Wildlife Sanctuary
Tourists are allowed to go on foot upto Anamudi. The trekking areas include Anamudi and Rajamala.

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