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Location of Khajuraho: Madhya Pradesh.
Emphasis: Sacred.
Amazing Blend Of: Sculpture And Architecture.
Unique Feature: Elegant Proportions.

One of the most celebrated manifestations of Indian architecture is to be found in a group of temples at Khajuraho in central India. Indian architecture is sacred and thus always has a purpose that is more important than mere aesthetic considerations.

Sculptural Art of Khajuraho - madhya PradeshThese temples, unlike many others in central or south India, do not illustrate a development over a long period of time, but were erected over a relatively narrow period of hundred years from 950 AD.

One important feature of these temples is that sculpture and architecture blend into each other. The dividing line between them is totally blurred; one cannot say where one ends and the other begins.

The temples at Khajuraho, where form and function unite triumphantly, afford a glimpse into the celestial abodes. The Khajuraho temples represent a unique amalgamation of religious fervour, abundant patronage, artistic genius and aesthetic sensibility. Fortunately, these temples have weathered the climate for a thousand years and have withstood neglect surprisingly well.

The Khajuraho temples were built during the reign of the Chandelas. While some show marks of a Shaivite sensibility, others clearly manifest the influence of Vaishnaism, Jainism, and Tantrism. These temples have an architectural character distinct from that of any other group of temples elsewhere in the country. Unlike other temples, all the temples at Khajuraho stand on high and solid masonry terraces. Though none of the temples is very large, they are still imposing structures because of their elegant proportions and rich surface sculpture.

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