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Location : Madhya Pradesh
Capital : Bhopal
Tourist Attractions : Bhopal, Sanchi, Gwalior, Khajuraho, Ujjain, Indore and Mundu
Best Time To Visit : October to March.

At an altitude of 3,555 feet, surrounded by Satpura hills is located the summer capital of Madhya Pradesh- Pachmarhi. As a hill station this place has been untouched and unexplored. The natural beauty of Pachmarhi has remained unexploited and is lesser known to the foreign tourists. Geographically Pachmarhi is a group of waterfalls. Apart from the ancient temples and buildings, this place is known for its natural beauty. Though Pachmarhi has no comparison with the hill stations of the Himalayas still it carries a charm of its own which is unique to this place.

SHOPPING:As such there are no shopping Malls in Pachmarhi but one can get good items to purchase from shops around the bus stand. Pachmarhi is famous for items made from jute and marble decorative pieces.

ACCOMMODATION: Pachmarhi is not so hot tourist spot so no five star hotels are available here. But there are many small and medium hotels which provide you with good accommodation. Hotels like Pachmarhi, Saket, Giri Shriangar, Mount View, Hill View, Meghdoot, Shilpa suit budget of any tourist. Apart from the hotels there are guest houses which are good to stay.

CLIMATE:  Pachmarhi is surrounded by hills so the weather is very pleasant here throughout the year. The temperature is never above 37 degrees during summers and below 7 degrees during winters. The best season to visit this place is between October and June. GETTING THERE:The nearest Airport to Pachmarhi is that of Bhopal where all the major airlines have their flights. Piparya is the nearest railway station which is on the Haworah-Mumbai line and at Piparya almost all the trains have their stoppage. Piparya is 47 Kms from Pachmarhi. Pachmarhi is well connected by roads from Bhopal, Jabalpur, Nagpur, Chindwara, from all these places there are regular bus services.

SIGHTSEEING: Cahuragarh Dhupgarh- These are two separate hills in Pachmarhi. From here one can watch the spectacular Sunrise and Sunset. The ancient Shiva temple of Cahuragarh is also worth seeing. The Sunrise at Dhupgarh leaves one mesmerised. One can also spend one night at Dhupgarh.
Breathtaking  Views Of Pachmarhi
B-Falls - About 3 kms from Pachmarhi is a very beautiful waterfall called the B Falls. Its about half a kilometer below Pachmarhi. One gets the feeling that molten silver is being poured from this fall. Falling from a height of 150 feet these falls provide an ideal refuge to the body and mind.

Jatashankar- 1.5 kilometer from the bus stand are the natural caves of Jatashankar. These caves display the unique architecture of nature. At Jatashankar there is pool between two rocks and another rock is suspended without any support. This natural spectacle has enthralled the visitor from times immemorable. This place is also very popular among the director and producers of films.

Pandav caves- These caves are considered to be carved out during the Buddha period. Mythology supports this version of the historians by saying that during Mahabaharata era the five Pandav brothers had spend few years in exile here. There are five temples made in their honour.

Mahadev- This cave is 30 meter long and water is always seeping inside the cave. The source of this water has been traced to a water fall. In the middle of the cave is a small pool of water. Inside the cave is a Shivaling (Phallus). Here on every Shivratri a fair is held and about 4-5 lakh devotees throng this place. During the first war of Independence Tatiya Tope had reassembled his army here. Near by Mahadev are the caves of Gupt Mahadev.

EXCURSIONS: Though nature has provided Pachmarhi with immense beauty and there are many places to go around. Hadi Koh, Richgarh, Apsara Vihar, Daurithi Deep, Rajendra giri, Rajat Pratap, roman Catholic Church, Little Fall are some of the places which one should not miss if he goes to Pachmarhi.One of Pachmarhi's numerous cascades

Tamiya - Tamiya is more beautiful than Pachmarhi and is totally unvisited by tourists. The Sunset point at Tamiya is place where you can sit for hours and enjoy the setting sun. This experience can not be matched by any other thing. The stay at almost a century old government rest house and watching the natural beauty of the Satpura hills gives you a feeling that there is nothing than the hills in this world. You are bound to be lost in the scintillating beauty of the Satpura hills here. Tamiya has a good and low budget hotels. The PWD rest house and the forest department guest house have good accommodation facility. To reach Tamiya one can hire Jeeps from Pachmarhi but there are private and government bus services for Tamiya.


MAIN LANGUAGES: Hindi and English

A WORD OF CAUTION: Though the Pachmarhi is an unexploited tourist destination, one should always keep an eye for the touts. Though the weather here is pleasant one should carry warm cloths during winters and light warm cloths during the summer seasons.


Bhopal- 210 kms Nagpur-258 kms
Jabalpur- 225 kms Mumbai- 630 kms

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