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Type: Weaving Craft
Originally Known As: Kum Khuab
Originated In: Aurangabad
Famous Items: Bedspreads, Shawls And Furnishing

Aurangabad is famous for Mashru and Himroo fabrics made of cotton and silk with the luster of satin. Himroo is an age-old weaving craft, and was originally known as "Kum khuab". Himroo in its original form is made of silver and gold. The threads of silver and gold were so fine that the final cloth appeared as "GOLD CLOTH".

The Posh Fabrics

Himroo is a distinctive, luxurious fabric, once used as dress material by the nobles. The techniques uses a special loom, with cotton yarn forming the warp and silk yarn forming the weft, to produce a brocade-like fabric used mainly for shawls, bedspreads and furnishing.

The original artists who put this fabric together have all disappeared and the fabric is now mass-produced. A small workshop near Zaffar Gate in the old town of Aurangabad is the only place in the city that still produces hand-woven Himroo shawls. Here, one can see weavers at work. The workshop has a showroom also where you can buy Himroo shawls and sarees.

Mashru is known for its bold patterns and colours. Marco Polo was given this fabric woven in silk and gold thread and is said to have had substantial praise for it.

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