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Type: Art Of Weaving
Dated Back: 2,000 Years
General Colours Used: Kum-Kum Colours

Paithan is the modern name of the town on the river Godavari, 50-km from Aurangabad , which gave birth and name to the well-known sarees, the Paithani Sarees.

Paithan Sarees in Maharashtra

A Multihued Blend

Maharashtra is known for its Paithani silk sarees, which generally come in "Kum-Kum" colours in combination with a contrasting colour. Paithani are generally decorated with the gold dot or coin motif.

The art of weaving Paithani sarees is 2,000 years old. The yarn used is pure silk and the zari or gold threads are drawn from pure gold. A heavily brocaded Paithani saree takes about six months to one and a half years to weave.

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