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Capital of Maharashtra : Mumbai
Travel Attractions : Gateway Of India , Ajanta And Ellora Caves , Marine Drive.
Languages Spoken : Marathi
Best Time To Visit : September To April (Coastal Regions) And September To Mid-June (Hill Stations)

The Sculpture of Buddha in Ajanta Caves , Aurangabad - MaharashtraMaharashtra is known for its caves. The UNESCO declared Ajanta and Ellora caves as the World heritage Site. The rock cut caves found at Ajanta and Ellora eloquently record the earliest mingling of all faiths - the Buddhist, Jain and Hindu sculptures and frescoes co-exist in total harmony. Ajanta caves have the wild, crescent-shaped ravine pierced with more than twenty Buddhist cave temples. This makes it one of India's most spectacular sites. The Ellora caves are the finest specimens of cave - temple architecture, which house elaborate facades and exquisitely adorned interiors. Aurangabad caves excavated between the 2nd and 6th century AD carved out of the hillside are another fine piece of architecture, housing the most stunningly intricate carvings. Karla and Bhaja Caves are the largest Chaitya Caves in India that date back to 2nd century BC and Bhaja are among the earliest, dating from the second to the early first century BC, during the Hinayana phase of Buddhism. Other worth visit vaes are the Pandavleni Caves, Kanheri caves, Panchalesvara cave, Pataleshwar Caves, and Pitalkhora Caves


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