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Region: Konkan, Maharashtra

Konkan cuisine has two styles of cooking, "Konkanast Brahmin Cuisine", which uses few spices and is more coconut based, and the spicy non-Brahmin version. A little further inland, the Konkan cuisine has peanuts, sesame and coriander as the main spicing agents.

The food has a lot of coconut in it and Masalas that have mainly red chillies and coriander. Konkan food uses 'Kokum' (a deep purple berry that has a pleasing sweet and sour taste) and raw mango as souring agents along with tamarind and lime.

The Konkan food also has a version of 'Garam Masala' called bottle Masala, which has about 20-25 ingredients powdered together. Konkan food also plays on textures. Many dishes use coarsely ground Masala that one can feel with one's tongue to give the food a different feeling.

Most of the Chutneys and Masalas are being hand ground, as it is believed that machines cannot give the same quality as using the grinding stone. Konkan cuisine also uses a lot of charcoal grilled onions. These onions are either used chopped or ground along with Masalas after being grilled. This gives the food a very interesting smoky flavor. Of course, coconut is also liberally used in various forms such as raw grated, fried grated, coconut paste and coconut milk.

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