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Also Known As: The Ganges Festival
Falls On: May-June

The Ganges is believed to flow in the three worlds: in heaven it is called Mandakini, on earth the Ganges (or Ganga), and in the nether region the Bhagirathi. Thus the Ganga is known as "Tripathaga", or the "Three Path River".

King Bhagirath after performing terrible austerities managed to bring down the Ganga to this earth. On the tenth day of the bright half of Jyeshth, Mother Ganga began to flow from heaven to the matted hair of Shankar, and from the hair of Shankar she began to flow on this earth. People believe that by bathing in the Ganga sins are washed away. So, the first ten days of the month Jyeshth (May-June), known as Dashahara, are dedicated to honour the river Ganges.

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