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Celebration: Music And Dance Festival
Held At: Ellora Caves In Aurangabad
Organised By: Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC)
Falls On: March

Against the dramatic backdrop of the Ellora Caves, surrounded by hundreds of sculptural and architectural splendours, is the Ellora Festival of Classical Dance and Music. Usually in March, this festival showcases the best talents and is a unique and charming way to experience the magnificent caves, imbibing centuries of history and culture.

This Festival is organised by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) where India's renowned artists display their virtuosity in music and dance. Surrounded by 1,400-year old caves and rock carvings, artists perform in this magnificent ambience to enchant the gods, goddesses and human lovers of art. The Kailasa temple, sculptured out of one huge rock, is one of the most beautiful backdrops for an event such as this.

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